Lotion & Soap Pump Producer

European manufacturer of soap & lotion pumps. 4 different models, with 28/410 thread and with two different locking systems of the trigger. Two of the pumps has switch-to-open and the two other pumps has a twist-to-open function. Any colors are possible to tailor as well as height of pumps, naturally.

You will get your pumps delivered straight from the factory gates to your door, no time consuming sea freight or re loading is necessary.

Fastest i Europe. Under normal circumstanses, outside peaks, we can manufacture your lotion and soap pumps in a week. Ad transport and buffer for exeptional logistics, and you can get your factory deliveries to your door in two weeks (usually less). The benefit for you, is more speed and less warehouse cost.

We deliver all over Nothern Europe, grow rapidly, and our home turf are the Nordic countries.

Lotion & Soap Pumps

We manufacture 4 different bottle pump models of 28/410 size.

Lotion pumps can be produced in different heights and colors. Some of the pumps are also found as ready-to-ship items in our express range. We can tailor your preferred pump heights in 24h and ship them out to you instantly from our Jakobstad stock in Finland.

Switch-to-open bottle pumps; ”Standard” and ”Slim”
Telescopic neck, dosage 1,5ml, switch-to-open, encapsulated spring

Twist-to-open bottle pumps; ”Screw” and ”Stork”
Low profile during transport, dosage 2,0ml, twist-to-open, sliming effect


Our best selling lotion pump with switch-opening and a broad, pear shaped head.

-Encapsulated spring (no fluid contact)
-Switch-to-open mechanism
-Broad pear shaped head
-Wide telescope neck
-Ready-to-ship item
-Dosage 1,5 ml


The ”Slim” lotion pump is based on the same mechanism as our ”Standard”, yet with a slimmed head.

-Encapsulated spring (no fluid contact)
-Switch-to-open mechanism
-Sharper shaped slim head
-Wide telescope neck
-Main color black
-Dosage 1,5 ml


The ”Screw” lotion pump. Wide, down turned edge, leaflike head. Big dosage and twist-to-open trigger.

-Low profile transport mode
-Twist-to-open mechanism
-Leaflike, wide head
-Slimming neck
-Main color white/black
-Dosage 2,0 ml


The ”STORK” lotion pump. Exclusive feel with accented lines. Big dosage and twist-to-open trigger.

-Low profile transport mode
-Twist-to-open mechanism
-Refined, slender shape
-Slimming neck
-Main color natural (translucent)
-Dosage 2,0 ml

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Do you have the wrong height on an existing lotion pump in stock?

Or perhaps you just need a smaller batch of pumps with tailored height?

We can cut up to 7000 hoses per hour on our cutting robots. Just measure the bottle height or send us a bottle, we will fix it. On week days we can deliver in 24h.

Click ”Ready-to-Ship” to get more info on our speed-solutions!

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